Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can't Search in Google Drive Folder in Windows 7


I am trying to search files in Google Drive Folder in Windows 7 with Windows File Explorer, there is no search result returns.


1. In Windows 7, open your Windows File Explorer

2. Select your Google Drive Folder

3. Click on "Organize" drop down menu (It located at the left top corner in Windows File Explorer)

4. Select "Folder and search options"

5. In the new pop windows, click on "Search" tab

6. Then, put a check mark on "Don't use the index when searching in files folders for system files (searches  
might take longer)"

7. Click "OK" button to finish and try again


  1. Awesome - an easy and simple solution that really works - HUGE THANKS!

  2. BAM! Worked brilliantly! Thanks!

  3. Workes for me either! thanks! :)

  4. This was also helpful:

    Why aren't files from an indexed folder showing up in search results?
    It might be because of the security settings for that folder. For a folder and its content to be indexed, it must be configured with the System permission. Most folders already have this, but there are some cases where a folder might be missing the System permission.

    To add the System permission to a folder

    Right-click the folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab.

    If you don't see System listed under Group or user names, click Edit.

    Click Add, type System in the box that appears, and then click Check Names.

    Under Matching names, click System, and then click OK until all of the open dialog boxes you've opened are closed.

    You'll need to rebuild the index once you've made this change. To learn about rebuilding the index, see Change advanced indexing options.

  5. Uhg, you are awesome!!! been struggling with this for months. This did the trick!

  6. I have had a problem with searching google drive for over a year!!! And this solved it!

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  8. Thanks...our company is still on Windows 7 and this worked like a charm, much appreiated.