Friday, May 23, 2014

Samsung Laptop Power Options for Lid Closed is Disabled

Samsung Laptop Power Options for Lid Closed is Disabled

This article is for Samsung laptop only. When you try to modify the close lid option in power option, Lid Closed option is grey out.

1. Go to Start->All Programs->Samsung->Fast Start

2. In "Samsung Fast Start", choose "OFF" option, click "OK" button to finish

3. Now you are able to change the settings in Close Lid Option.

wbadmin command line Howto

How to use wbadmin commandline create a full image to a network share

Drives that need be backup:   C:    D:   and  F:
Backup Destination Server Name:     BCK001 (also can use IP address instead of server name)
Backup Desitnation Share Name:      dcbackup

If not require username and password to access the backup destination share folder, 

wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\bck001\dcbackup -include:c:,d:,f: -vssFull -quiet

If require authentication to access the backup destination share folder, 
username= admin         password= gXrq$002@

wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\bck001\dcbackup -user:admin -password:gXrq$002@ -include:c:,d:,f: -vssFull -quiet

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to turn off/on audio in a particular Chrome Tab

How to turn off/on audio in a particular Chrome Tab

There is an app that can archive this,

1. Install it by click on "Free" button

2. Click on "Add" button

3. Now, you can stop sound on a particular tab, by right click on blank place on that webpage, then click "MuteTab"->"Current tab"->"Stop" or "resume" if you would like to hear sound again on that webpage. However, "MuteTab" is not perfect, sometime it might not detect audio is playing on certain website. If you found that is the case, open it page by page, lol

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Install Active Directory Tool in Windows 7

1. You need download "Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) " with the following URL

2. According to your Windows 7 version (32bit or 64bit), download the file accordingtly

3. Run the downloaded file and start installation

4. Now you need enable the AD feature from Control Panel

5. In Control Panel, try view by large icons and then click on "Programs and Features"

6. In "Programs and Features", click on "Turn Windows features on or off" on the left

7. In the new pop-up windows, expand "Remote Server administration Tools", expand "AD DS and AD LDS Tools", then expand on "AD DS Tools" and check on "Active Directory Administrative Center", then click "OK" button to finish
(Other than Active Directory Tool, you can also explore the options such as DHCP server Tools or DNS server Tools)


Then, sit back wait until it finish, after it finished, you won't get any notification windows. It will straight back to control panel.

8. Now if you click "Start"->"Administrative Tools", you will find all kinds of Active Directory Tools you need.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to add Desktop icons on Windows Server 2008 R2

It's so ignoring that in Windows server 2008, you cannot add desktop icon such as "My Computer" or "Control Panel" etc by just right click on desktop. If you right click on Windows server 2008's desktop, this is what you see,

Here is how to enable it,

1. click the "Server Manager" icon down at bottom left

2. In the right side of "Server Manager", scroll down and find and click on "Add Features"

3. From the "Add Features Wizard" check "Desktop Experience" and click Next button

4. Next you will need click on "Install" button to confirm and start the installation.

5. At last, you will get a prompt to restart the server.

6. After server rebooted, right click on your server's desktop again, you will find "Personalize" option is there now.

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Outlook Freeze and not responding on Startup

Recently, I found one of my client's Outlook is always stuck or freezing on startup. He cannot access to his email at all. No matter what he tried. 

What I found out is that he is using ESET Smart Security 7, it has building Firewall function. So, after I disable the firewall function in ESET. Everything back to normal. So, be careful such Antivirus and Internet Security combined software. Sometime, it can be very ignoring. If you have similar outlook problem, it's a good idea to temporary disable your security software or antivirus software to see if there is a effect to your Outlook or not.  

Beware these software:

Norton Security
ESET Smart Security
Vipre Internet Security