Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to set default IE home page via Domain Group Policy

1. Open your Group Policy Management

2. Edit your existing default domain group policy or you create a new group policy object; also very important you have to add permission in "Security Filtering", so this policy only apply to certain people

3. Go to,

“User Configuration” -> “Preferences”  -> “Windows Settings” -> “Registry”
Right Click on “Registry” -> “New” -> “Registry Item”

4. Then, in the “New Registry Properties”, update information as follow,

Action: = Update
Key Path: = Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Value name = Start Page      <- or anything you want, for example, Default Home Page
Value Type: = REG_SZ
 Value data: = http://www.google.com     <- here is your default home page URL

5. Also you need disable an “IE security Alert” which are caused by previous action.
“User Configuration” -> “Policies” -> “Administrative Templates” -> “Windows Components” -> “Internet Explorer”
Find and open “Turn off the Security Settings Check Feature"

6. Choose "Enable" option in "Turn off the Security Settings Check feature", click OK to finish. Then, close the Group Policy Management console

7. In command line do "gpupdate /force" to force group policy update on any computer or simply just wait for group policy update.

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